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NGO FLIGHT  became a member of the EU Forum for civil society in the field of HIV / AIDS!

We just received news that the LET became a member of the Forum for civil society in the field of HIV/AIDS.

The Forum was established by the European Commission and its advisory body in the field of strategic planning documents and activities in the field of prevention of HIV / AIDS.


The representative of the association LET/FLIGHT participated in the training organized by the Danish Agency for Higher Education. Education titled “PLUG IN” was held from 20th to 05.22.2014. in Copenhagen.

Thirty participants from ten EU countries learned how to use new media and social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat-.ai etc.) for access to young people. Participants planned projects for young people and hear about the experiences of other organizations.

Participants also spent one whole afternoon in the center of Copenhagen with outside professionals who aim to involve as many young people in the local youth center. These outdoor workers patrol certain neighborhoods and motivate young people to engage in organized activities and less free time on the streets.

Funding was provided through the ERASMUS program +, and for participants from Croatian time paid agents of the Agency for Mobility and EU.

 Workshop: “Managing Personal Finances”

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to save a few pennies on the side, so should have concrete plans for managing household budgets. Association of Flight invites you to a workshop on “Managing personal finances.” The workshop will be held on Tuesday, 05.27.2014. year from 17:30 to 19:00 at the premises of KIC, Preradoviceva 5 in Zagreb.

The workshop is free!

To participate, please sign up at no. tel. 01/726 5803 or
e-mail: udruga-let@samohrani.com